Hog-Nose Bowed Psaltery

Hog-Nose Bowed Psaltery
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Product Description

This is a very Unique Instrument. It is a bowed Psaltery that has had enough craftsmanship put into it that is is considered art. It is hand made by a very experienced craftsman. It has 26 strings and the range is of 2 octaves from g below middle C. The sound hole is in the shape of a humming bird, which just gives this instrument even more of a majestic appearance. The sound that this instrument creates is an airy and peaceful sound. The origin of this instrument is from medieval times when minstrels would pull out an auto-harp and start to play, although one man wanted to be a little unique. So he came up with the idea of a harp, played with a bow. His idea is perfectly demonstrated in this masterful piece of art. It includes a case, rosin, tuning wrench, and a wooden bow. For this price you can't find a more masterful piece of art/instrument on the market.