Reading Music Naturally for Fiddle by Lanny Fiel

Reading Music Naturally for Fiddle by Lanny Fiel
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Reading Music is the best tool for gaining access to a growing body of fiddle transcriptions. This 90-minute video with printed study guide teaches the reading of musical notation in a series of step-by-step, self paced lessons designed for the fiddler. Players of all levels can enhance their musicianship through this innovative learning approach. The lessons proceed gradually from simple to more complex. To bridge the gap between playing by ear and reading music, the fiddler listens to old-time, Texas-style, and Cajun fiddle tunes while watching them go by in musical notation. By the end of the course, he or she has enough skill in reading music to begin to fiddle the tunes. Lanny Fiel brings insights from his experience as a violinist with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra and fiddle player with the West Texas band, "Yellowhouse". He Is also co-author with Frankie McWhorter of "Be Lazy With It"- The Bob Fills Fiddle Legacy, forthcoming from Texas Tech University Press.