Songs For Harmonica

Songs For Harmonica
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Stephen Collins Foster was the "tune smith" of the 1800ís. His music was everywhere. Fosterís music has become part of our folklore and is still being played today. This book gives you 60 of these popular tunes simplified for easy playing. There are patriotic songs, Civil War songs, sentimental love songs, comedy songs, nonsense songs and mournful songs. Almost any type of harmonica, diatonic 10 hole, chromatic harmonica, blues harp, tremolo and octave tuned double reed instruments are able to perform this music. Tablature (arrows and numbers) is provided to help you understand the playing techniques for the harmonica. The split-track CD provides 23 selected tunes for the listening portion of this book with harmonica on one channel and accompaniment on the other. The audio will help "ear" players to enjoy these special tunes