The Amazing Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques of Doyle Dykes Vol. 1

The Amazing Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques of Doyle Dykes Vol. 1
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Whenever great guitarists congregate, inevitably they buzz about the latest string-slinger "discovery" with hot-chops and blazing speed. Chet Atkins is no different. Not long ago, someone attending the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention in Nashville remarked that Atkins had the "fastest right hand ever." Chet replied. "Have you heard Doyle Dykes lately?" More and more frequently, it is Dykes' name that is invoked in guitar circles, and with good reason: his emergence on the national scene is setting a new standard for guitar heroes.

On this video, one of two volumes, Dykes performs some of his great music and shares many of the techniques and secrets that he demonstrates at his workshops on behalf of Taylor Guitars. Among the topics covered are such right-hand techniques as harmonics, "chiming," the "B-bender" lick, finger rolls, the "weed eater," the tremolo effect, banjo style "frailing," and pull-offs. Dykes also discusses alternate tunings and "creative writing" on guitar, thus offering intimate insight into a guitar talent that continues to elicit gushing critical reviews and high praise from Dykes' peers.